Insulfoam’s Continuous Insulated Panel

Green, Energy efficient retrofit for existing buildings.  Government cash and tax incentives available!

Reduce costs. Increase comfort.

Insulating a building’s envelope with Insulfoam’s ci Panel is one of the most economical ways to combine
continuous insulation (ci) and nail base sheathing. Decrease a building’s energy use and increase indoor
comfort with one easy to install exterior panel product.

The Basics of Insulfoam’s ci Panel

  • Install over stick framing in Type V construction
  • Ideal for new construction and retrofit applications
  • Meets building codes & energy standards for an all-in-one solution for continuous insulation (rigid foam EPS), and nail base (OSB or Ply) for cladding attachment

Insulfoam’s ci Panel Features & Benefits:

  • Economical insulation and structural nail base in one product
  • Solid continuous insulation reduces thermal bridging to add required energy efficiency to projects
  • Meets today’s 2009 IECC energy standards: R-Value of 7.8* for 2” panel
  • EPS insulation R-Values remains stable for life
  • OSB or Ply laminated to the foam installs faster to save labor in the field, while providing a suitable substrate for cladding attachment
  • Add structural shear capacity (ultimate value based on AC-130 testing)
  • No additional tools required: ci panel installs with a standard nail gun (using min. 3” nails)
  • Hang siding and house-wrap/weather barriers directly on standard 4’ x 8’ panels
  • Multiple substrates available (plywood, gypsum, T-111, etc.)
  • Qualifies for Energy Star, LEED, environmental certification programs and tax incentives

* R-Value based on ASTM C1363 comparative tests