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Answers to Common On-site Electrical Questions while building with SIPs:

PBS: ESReport ESR-1882View PDF
PBS: Maximum Allowable Shear Wall Loads for SDCs D, E & FView PDF
City of Los Angeles Research Report Premier Structural Sandwich Panels for walls, floors and roof.View PDF
PBS SIPs & LEED for New Construction & Major RenovationView PDF
All Tech Bulletins View PDF
Premier Building Systems Brochure View PDF
Premier Building Systems Design ManualView PDF
PBS Installation GuideView PDF
PBS R-ValuesView PDF
R-ValuesView PDF
USP SIP Connection ManualView PDF
SIPs and Residential ApplicationsView PDF
OSB: The Green Structural PanelView PDF
PBS NAHB Green Building GuidelinesView PDF
PBS: The Green FactorView PDF
PBS: The SIPs AdvantageView PDF